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How It Works


Enter Customer's Information

Enter your pass holder’s information or use one of our preferred ticketing providers to have this information entered automatically. Each business can choose to hide any unnecessary fields to keep the interface as streamlined as possible.


Take Passholder's Picture

Easily take each pass holder’s picture when they arrive. Save even more time by turning on our selfie invite feature and allow each pass holder to upload their own photo prior to their visit. Don’t worry, customers can’t change the image without your permission.


Check In Customers

For the fastest check in, use our free iOS app and simply scan the QR code found on the pass holder’s digital pass. You may also search a guest by name to check in an individual or their entire family at one time directly on the screen.


Track Visits

Select any report and know what is happening in real time. Don’t see the exact report you’re looking for? Let us know, we’ve added several reports based upon our clients’ needs/requests over the years.

What Our Customers Say

My Pass Tracker has been a complete game changer for our business! They made the entire set up/check in process quick and easy, not only for our customers but for staff as well. We’ve been using My Pass Tracker since 2016 and it continues to exceeded all our our expectations!


Becca L.

New Era, Michigan

As our season pass business continued to grow each summer, we needed a more organized and automated system to keep up with our growth. Our guests LOVE this system. My staff LOVES this system. I LOVE this system. It’s user friendly, and Justin is always available to personally walk you through any questions.


Kara W.

Austin, TX

My Pass Tracker is very user friendly for all parties involved. I specifically like that every pass holder has a picture on file. From the purchasing of passes to the checking in process, the whole system is super quick and easy!


Laurie G.

Hondo, TX

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up?

We’ve intentionally kept My Pass Tracker simple to setup and operate. After watching our training video explaining how to set up your account, most of our clients complete set up and ready to start entering customers within 60- 90 minutes.  

Can I offer a pass that is valid for a specific number of uses?

Yes. You are able to issue passes that can only be used a specific number of times. 

What happens if I go over my limit?

We are constantly monitoring the pass limits for our clients. In addition to warnings on screen of your account, we will do what is necessary on our end to make sure you aren’t caught off guard. If you do go over your pass limit, we do our best to quickly upgrade your account to the next subscription level and bill accordingly.

Can I offer multiple types of season passes?

Yes. We have several options depending on the needs of your business. In addition to offering several types of passes, you can also assign blackout dates to each type of pass you offer.

Do you integrate with any ticketing providers and how much do the integrations cost?

We currently have integrations with several ticketing providers, but are always looking for more. If your online ticketing provider has an outbound API, we should be able to do the legwork to complete the process on our end. There is no charge for any of our integrations, they are included with your subscription. Ticketing provider fees may apply.

Do expired passes count towards my limit?

No, only passes for the current season, or a future season count towards your pass holder limits. All expired passes are still stored in the system in case you wish to reactivate them in the future.

Why Use My Pass Tracker?


Save time and money

No more printing season passes or paying for additional hardware. Automate the process by allowing your customers to upload their own photo. My Pass Tracker will then email each customer their pass. If a pass gets lost, simply resend their pass. No more printing passes, or trying to figure out how to get them in the hands of your guests.


Reduce the lines – It’s fast

Getting guests through the gate is a top priority for many of our customers. Unique to My Pass Tracker is the ability to check in entire groups (often a family) at one time. You can also quickly search for each guest quickly by first or last name. Check in the entire group, or a portion of the group from one screen.


Simple and intuitive

If you’re anything like most of our Agritourism customers, you hire a lot of staff at one time and add more as needed throughout the season. My Pass Tracker was built to allow your staff to be trained in minutes not hours or days). We have intentionally kept our system very simple to make sure it eliminates headaches, instead of creating more.


Customer focused

We are here to serve you. We have worked through many unique needs that each of our clients have. While we aren’t afraid to tell you if our system isn’t a great solution for your business, more often than not, we can find simple solutions for you to use My Pass Tracker to help solve the needs of your business.


Know your numbers

How many times did your pass holders use their pass throughout the season? How many customers came to your business on a given day? With My Pass Tracker you can have this information and much more in just a few minutes.


Security and Cloud Storage

All of the information entered into My Pass Tracker is encrypted before being stored in the cloud. This information is available to you anytime, anywhere, and across as many devices as necessary.

Who is My Pass Tracker For?


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